746 C – 844 C Gearmotors for Sliding Gates

The Perfect Blend of Traditional Quality and Advanced Technology

In a constant pursuit of marrying tradition with innovation, FAAC proudly presents its 746C and 844C motor reducers. These devices, heirs to the renowned 746 and 844 models, embody the extensive experience, reliability, and longevity synonymous with FAAC quality, now enhanced with a completely revamped aesthetic, electronic, and mechanical design.

Electronic and Mechanical Redesign

The 746C and 844C motor reducers stand out for their unified aesthetic design and consistent dimensions, preserving the elegance of their predecessors, the 746 and 844 models. 

Oil Bath Technology: The Secret to Smooth Operation

Oil bath technology is the key to silent operation and high performance. This approach not only reduces friction between components, ensuring a longer product lifespan, but also provides superior resistance to environmental elements such as dirt, water, and dust.

E781 Board: A New Frontier of Compatibility

The E781 board represents a significant improvement over the previous model, the 780D. By integrating new technologies, this board expands the compatibility of the motor reducers within the FAAC ecosystem.

New Motor Control: Advantageous Automation

The encoder of the new E781 board implements retroactive motor control, detecting the shaft’s speed and automatically adjusting the supplied voltage. This results in smoother operation, optimal performance even during deceleration, and optimized force management.

Programmable and Manageable with The Simply Connect app

Discover all the features available through full integration between FAAC automations and the FAAC Simply Connect app!

Commitment to Sustainability

The 746C and 844C motor reducers by FAAC epitomize excellence in sliding gate operation, harmonizing robust tradition with cutting-edge technological solutions. This combination delivers high performance, smooth operation, and a tangible commitment to sustainability, positioning these motor reducers as undisputed leaders. 

FAAC not only aims to provide high-quality products but is also actively committed to sustainability. The new cardboard packaging, with the elimination of polystyrene, reflects environmental consciousness. Cardboard elements replace polystyrene, making the packaging more compact and secure.

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