A Case Study on the Installation of CoMETA Round Security Cabins

Enhancing Security at Oradea International Airport

Oradea is one of the most prosperous cities in Romania and one of the largest economic centers of iinterest for investors. Located about 10 km from the Hungarian border, Oradea occupies a privileged central – European position and its airport serves Bihor County with a population of 620,000 inhabitants.

Oradea International Airport overview:

• 2184 square feet

• International departures only

• 4 passengers flows

• 3 departure gates

• 200 passengers processed at peak time on international departures

In recent years, upgrade projects have been undertaken at the passenger terminal to enhance airport security measures, with a specific focus on ensuring the safety of the local airport staff.

We have been priviledged to supply the airport with two round automatic cabins with double interlocked curved sliding doors Model Co138.90 which have been installed between the public area and the security area in order to control the access of the airport safety staff.

The specific need entailed establishing one-way access for safety personnel transitioning between secured and public areas, with access granted through card and fingerprint authentication. CoMETA’s security doors are specifically designed for this kind of applications. They offer a high level of protection against unauthorized entry while, at the same time, their elegant design and transparent glass elements allow an open view through the terminal building.

CoMETA Co138.90 round base mantrap is the ideal system for single person passage checking, offering a large protected entrance.

An additional important feature of this product is that it is fully self-managed, i.e it automatically detects the person waiting, in transit, and manages the voice commands to communicate with the customer during the passage steps

The product’s price-quality ratio and CoMETA’s market reputation were pivotal in the customer’s decision. The implementation of these advanced security cabins has significantly enhanced the airport’s security infrastructure, providing efficient and secure access control while maintaining aesthetic appeal.

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