Access XL2 barrier by Magnetic, the ideal solution for your entrances

Magnetic access control barrier Access XL2

Keep your gates open, your barrier closed and intruders out!

The Access XL2 automatic barrier by Magnetic overcomes the inconvenience of gates that are always open all day at the entrances of locations such as logistics centers, port and freight facilities. In fact, the gates managing the entrances to these facilities are generally closed only at night, to allow a smoother flow during the daytime loading and unloading periods.

Thanks to its fast opening and closing speed, the Access XL2 barrier allows vehicles to access it quickly; and with the optional security skirting with a further option of climb-over prevention reaching 180 cm in height, intruders are kept out, especially during the day.

For the passage of extra-large vehicles at extra-quick times

With its barrier width of up to 8.5 m and with the optional security skirting with a further option of climb-over prevention, the Access XL2 is the ideal solution for extra-wide or multi-lane entrances to freight forwarders, company grounds and port facilities, used by heavy and bulky vehicles at all times.

The opening and closing times can each be adjusted to 6, 8, or 10 seconds independently of one another.

The control system of the Access XL2 offers a wide range of functions and numerous expansion potentials through the use of plug-in modules.

Approved by pedestrians

With a barrier width of up to 7 m and when the slow or medium closing time has been selected – when the legally required safety equipment has been installed – the Access XL2 is also approved for use wherever the movement of persons cannot be ruled out for structural reasons.

Magnetic barrier Access XL2: sometimes lows and highs are a positive

With a low power consumption of (max 17 W), with a temperature range as large as -30 to +55 °C, the Access XL2 barrier can be installed everywhere.

The Boom skirt with climb-over prevention can reach two heights: 1,30 m or 1,80 m (Up to 6 m boom length).

Standard colour is Orange (RAL 2000) and can be equipped with boom illumination (red) and light strips (red/green).