Control the access points, but that’s not all.
When an entrance is “reserved”, you need to regulate and keep people out, but above all let them in, creating a fast lane that’s always open and ready to receive those with authorisation outdoors or inside bulidings.
Authorised people and vehicles circulate easily thanks to FAAC access control systems, a wide range that offers solutions for any vehicle or pedestrian need, thereby increasing safety and optimising operating costs.

What can an access control system offer you?
FAAC technology always guarantees maximum performance. Access control solutions provide functions such as:

  • 24/7 monitoring of areas at risk and recognition of those who access
  • access to only authorised users, according to preset methods and times
  • real-time monitoring of the events, with control of activation and deactivation
  • signalling of faults and alarms in the area
  • the report of the users in the areas and the option of saving, viewing and printing the events, thereby creating a log that can be viewed at any time
  • the option of including parallel safety systems such as burglar alarms, video surveillance etc.

When and who needs an access control system?
When access control is set in place according to rules, in places such as companies and complex structures, where you need to move around safely, while optimising the surveillance and data transmission costs.
When readings are needed that cannot be tampered with to guarantee a reliable and repetitive control of human and material resources.
In all cases where it is necessary to facilitate recognition and remote monitoring: more and more facilities open to the public such as gyms, swimming pools and similar areas rely on access control to speed up and control the flow of users.