Automatic rolling shutters are very practical and certainly not a luxury: everyone can make life easier and enjoy the convenience of opening and closing them with one simple action. Just identify the right motor and install it in the tube that moves the rolling shutter. Operate it by connecting the motor to a button control or a remote control. In addition, thanks to the time programmer, you can set times according to your requirements.

In order to help you identify the right FAAC solution for you, here are some examples of situations and the most common questions.

Are you buying a new home?

It is the perfect time to automate the rolling shutters. With a practical and essential button, you can control the opening and closing of one or more rolling shutters. The model that's right for you is the TM2 45 or the TM2 58 for openings that are much larger than traditional ones.

What do you do in the event of a powercut?

No problem! You can open the rolling shutters even in the event of a power cut by installing models equipped with a manual operating mechanism, such as the TM2 45 M.


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