N1D is the FAAC solution to automate all kinds of swing shutters, both new and those already installed.

Make your life easier and find the right motor to open and close the shutters for you.

If it is true that there are no limitations in motorising shutters, there are cases in which it is essential to control them remotely. In small rooms with little space to move in, or when a table is placed near the window, operating only one button or a remote control really simplifies every day life.

Even savings are automatic.

Energy savings are added to the comfort of closing the shutters without opening the windows, especially in the presence of mosquito nets. Commanding the motor remotely prevents cold or hot air from entering, depending on the season, while maintaining the temperature of the rooms.


To help you choose, or if you just want to know more, you can always count on the professionalism of our specialists or trusted installers. Contact them for an inspection, a quotation or just for additional information.