Case Study: Enhancing Security at Vobev Facility, Salt Lake City, USA

Installation of Revolving Doors Co146.180 and Emergency Exit Co156

Project Overview: Vobev, a leading full-service beverage hub, required an upgrade to their facility entrances to enhance architectural features and pedestrian access control security. Initially equipped with simple sliding automatic doors, there were no access control checks for staff and visitors.


  • Regulate pedestrian access and ensure only authorized personnel and staff can enter.
  • Implement a secure, reliable and efficient access control system.

Solution: We recommended and installed 4 self-managed security rotating doors with an anti-tailgating system, allowing for bi-directional traffic model Co146.180. The doors are equipped with card readers (provided by the customer) and 20/21mm glass BR2/S (EN1063) – P6B (EN356). In the middle of the two automated high security revolving doors we suggested to install an escape route door for emergency exit model Co156The system includes an ultrasonic person presence control (for the revolving doors, both directions) and emergency escape route doors with panic bars and alarm signals (for the emergency doors).

Outcome: The installation was completed in March 2024. Vobev is fully satisfied with the new solution, which meets all their access control needs effectively.

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