FAAC selects suppliers according to quality criteria of the goods and services supplied, of fairness, impartiality and in accordance with the principle of competition.

FAAC starts and continues business relationships only with suppliers that undertake to comply with the principles outlined in the FAAC Group Code of Ethics, that comply with contractual conditions and that meet the requirements of FAAC and its customers in terms of quality, cost and level of service.


The FAAC supplier qualification process is divided into the following stages.

The qualification process for FAAC suppliers starts with registration via this web portal. During this process, preliminary information are entered, such as company name, VAT number, e-mail address of a contact person and the product categories for which the supplier intends to qualify.

At the end of the registration process, the prospective supplier will automatically receive a questionnaire that contains some general questions, together with questions regarding economic-financial aspects and logistic flow. A weight is assigned to each answer that contributes to the overall assessment of the application questionnaire.

If the assessment of the application questionnaire is positive, the supplier will be invited to complete a specific questionnaire for each product category for which he has requested qualification. This process is not automatic and it may be several weeks before you receive the pre-qualification questionnaires. Passing the pre-qualification stage does not grant FAAC supplier status and does not imply any guarantee regarding the possibility of making a request for quotation or starting to supply goods or services. However, passing this stage does allow prospective suppliers to be entered in the FAAC database, which is accessed by FAAC Purchasing and Product Development personnel.

If the supplier passes the pre-qualification stage, he may be contacted by a FAAC Category Buyer in order to start the qualification process. The qualification process is a multi-faceted procedure. Economic requirements are assessed by means of a request for quotation, the technical and qualitative requirements by means of taking samples and the production process by means of an audit. If all the requirements are met, the supplier qualifies, obtains a qualification report and can start to supply FAAC.

Fill out the following form to begin registration:

PRODUCT CATEGORIES: (choose at least one) Electronics
Electricals (power-supplies, transformers, motor-run capacitors, etc.)
Metal moulding
Extruded aluminium
Metal working
Mechanical components & machining
Chemicals (injection moulding, rubber profiling, plastic components, etc.)
Consumables (off-the-shelf components, fastners, wirings, packagings, booklets, etc.)
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
Outsourced Labour/Staff Leasing
Others indirect/Services


This section contains the documents that FAAC uses to manage its business relationship with suppliers.

The latest revision of each document is available and is subject to change without notice, except as provided in the terms of the Supply Contract. We invite you to periodically check for the latest revisions to the documents.