Enhancing Data Center Security and Efficiency with Data Center Specialists

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, data centers stand as the cornerstone of our online experiences, facilitating seamless connectivity and innovation. From cloud computing to robust data storage, these facilities play a pivotal role in supporting our digital infrastructure.

Understanding the importance of efficient access control in data centers, Data Center Specialists emerge as indispensable assets. Through our brands FAAC, Magnetic, and CoMETA, we prioritize ease of access while ensuring maximum security and operational efficiency.

Secure your data centre! Starting at the outdoor perimeter.

The perimeter is the first layer of protection in the physical security architecture of data centres. Typically, the properties are  surrounded by high fences made of steel or concrete, and the open areas are monitored by guards and CCTV cameras. Anyone wishing to enter the data centre must pass through well-defined access points. High-security bollards and full-height turnstiles prevent unauthorised entry attempts, thanks to an access control management system offering different security levels.

Rapid access control management: Precision and efficiency at every turn.

Access to the data centre building is the second layer of protection. The challenge here is to effectively deny access to unauthorised intruders. At the same time, the many authorised users should quickly find their way into the building – employees to their workstations as well as visitors and service providers to the responsible contact persons. The protection against  intruders is mainly directed against unauthorised access, but at the same time it serves to prevent burglary and theft and to protect against sabotage and vandalism. Revolving doors by CoMETA offer an outstanding access solution for data centres, both technologically and visually, Armored doors by CoMETA are particularly suitable for complementary high security access applications.

Demarcate strategic areas! And reinforce effective control.

The demarcation of strategic areas is the third layer of data centre security architecture. Employees, service providers and visitors are only granted access to areas that are relevant to their activities. This minimises the risk of access authorisations being misused to cause damage or to steal sensitive data – thus protecting your data centre against social engineering and against deliberate attacks by employees. mWing from the FlowMotion® series is ideal for visitor areas and places where design plays a special role. mFlow is the specialist when it comes to your individual technical requirements. Thanks to the flexible Momentum® platform, you can seamlessly integrate readers, biometric scanners and additional displays into the access control systems.

Secure server access: Total control for all users and devices.

With CoMETA’s security portals, you can implement high security access management to protect your core technologies. The interlocked door systems rely on two doors. The exit door leading to the servers only opens when the entrance door has closed, and the person inside has passed the pre-set control phase. For this check, cameras for face recognition, fingerprint scanners for identification and metal detectors to detect unauthorised devices are available.

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