Cisco Webex Teams technology simplifies and streamlines collaboration among FAAC Group colleagues working in our company’s many offices around the world. This tool facilitates online meetings in particular but also handles messaging and internal calls.

FAAC’s partner in this recent technological step forward was the Italian company VEM Sistemi (https://vem.com/), who offered its expertise to create a digital workplace capable of breaking down the barriers of distance and creating remote link-ups between people, information and devices in a safe, reliable and integrated manner, anywhere and anytime.

For more efficient internal communication

Cisco Webex is an internationally distributed solution that offers a wide range of functions such as full-screen video conferencing and display modes with multiple feeds or side-by-side with screen sharing. You can switch from one speaker to another, share your desktop or an application, add notes on documents with other participants, outline ideas on a virtual whiteboard, organise and record meetings, or participate by smartphone or tablet.

The human side of technology

The transition to the new technology was also accompanied by a change management procedure, which is always necessary when implementing global solutions for communication and cooperation. The goal identified and achieved was to develop a safe working environment that would lead to increased productivity and a competitive advantage for FAAC.

However, to make new technology perform optimally, it is important to have input from everyone who uses it. In matters of communication, it is a good idea to agree on some common rules, ranging from a common language to compliance with interlocutors’ timeframes and spaces. A digital meeting with a good outcome begins before the start of the videoconference and continues after the meeting has ended. And, in the case of a company like FAAC, the success of a meeting can result in a highly successful product.

Cartoons featuring FAAC employees

Colleagues around the world were able to remember the basic rules for using Webex thanks to a series of cartoon video clips featuring characters who resemble actual FAAC employees. The clips served as mini-tutorials suggesting good habits and conduct to adopt for the successful execution of important group endeavours like digital meetings. The cartoons were made by VEM Sistemi professionals and deployed effective “weapons” like humour and empathy, which were excellent for publicising correct netiquette among FAAC staff and for getting the most from the new technology.
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