Motorised entrance gate with sliding leaf

Passage length

500 – 960 mm

Opening time

0,6 – 1,4 sec.

  • Structure made of 304 stainless steel, 1200mm to 1800mm high tempered glass leaves
  • Ideal for use as a rapid separation high volume pedestrian access control solution
  • Also suitable for wheelchair access and goods deliveries
  • MHTM drive technology
  • Protection against climbing over / passing under the barrier
  • Free passage in case of power failure
  • Ergonomic design
  • Designed for 10 million opening and closing cycles.
  • Recommended for:
  • Banks
  • Public or Private buildings
  • Stadiums and cultural centres
  • Underground
  • Airports


Item code



The MPH structure is in SS304 stainless steel. Each module is equipped with an integrated anti-access guard in hardened safety steel. These glass panels are available in 3 different heights. Laminated safety glass upon request. Eight light beams at each passage point guarantee perfect pedestrian detection. The unit status is indicated by the LED display at the gate end on the front of the structure.



Barrier element movement


Barrier element material

Tempered glass

Opening and closing time

0,6 – 1,4 s

Number of people per minute*

> 60

Passage length

520 – 910 mm

Dimensions (LxDxH)

300 x 1300 x 1035 mm – 520 x 1300 x 1035 mm

Housing material

INOX 304

Protection class

IP 32

Operating ambient temperature

0°C ÷ +45°C

Power supply voltage

110/240 AC 50/60 Hz

Max. power

100 W /300 W

Barrier height

Half / Whole

Leaves height

1200 – 1500 – 1800 mm

Use frequency



~ 200 /275 Kg

* The data depends greatly on the degree of familiarity that the person has with the system.