Automatic anti-break-in security entrance with integrated air curtain FAAC RC 3

Beyond security and beyond transparency

The FAAC RC 3 automatic entrance has been designed and manufactured to guarantee the same level of protection as a security door, enabling the entrance of shops, supermarkets or jeweller’s to be protected without the need to install external security roller shutters.

This innovative entrance answers the increasing demand from the banking sector for example, for control systems with features that combine the convenience of an automatic transparent sliding door with an additional anti-intrusion security system.

As well as the security aspect, the RC 3 has been designed to be safe during use. In fact, the system includes monitored safety sensors required by European Standard EN16005 and sophisticated systems that constantly detect and monitor the position of the doors and adjust their speed and force to below regulatory limits. Lastly, the innovative Energy Saving device that enables FAAC entrances to identify the actual direction of transit and to open only for the amount of time actually required, thereby avoiding an unnecessary waste of energy.

Innovation without compromise

A continuous floor-mounted guide at the bottom of the door and a special anti-tamper device prevents the leaves from being forced open. Multiple point security locking system installed on the vertical uprights of the mobile leaves

The RC 3 class certification in accordance with European Standard EN 1627 guarantees a high level of  security against break-in attempts, even by experienced thieves using equipment such as wedges,  crewdrivers, bolt cutters or crowbars.

There is no visible barrier, so the glass entrance is transparent, attractive and ensures a high aesthetic standard. In addition, the use of Class P5A 44.6/10/33.2 shatter-proof security glass ensures an incredible level of resistance.

The RC 3 sliding door supplied by FAAC is provided with an integrated air curtain. An air barrier protects the entrance area from the cold in winter and the heat in summer, without dispersion. This solution allows the air to be kept inside the building, thereby helping to reduce energy consumption. The AIRSLIDE system combines the automatic opening and air curtain systems into a single unit, with obvious aesthetic and functional advantages. Its sleek design makes it easy to integrate into any architectural perspective.
Heat and sound insulation is additionally guaranteed through edge brushes.

Automatic anti-break-in security entrance with integrated air curtain FAAC RC 3:

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