Hello winter! FAAC products embrace the cold

Enjoy the snow and ice season! FAAC automation solutions are always with you, providing comfort and safety accompanied by absolute reliability, even at low temperatures.



Winter is a long period. Get through it with FAAC. Whatever are your plans, you can rely on our automation.


At home

At home, FAAC ensures that windows, doors and fixtures maintain their efficiency in all weather conditions. FAAC blinds are always protected from freezing at night thanks to the electronic system integrated into the T-Mode motors. If the temperature rises during the day and rain suddenly starts to fall, the automation enables you to close all blinds immediately, keeping your windows clean. In addition, the T-Mode radio timer allows you to automatically raise the blinds during the day and close them when it gets dark, optimising heating and lighting.
There’s also no need to worry about storms or snowfall damaging that sun awning you forgot to shut: thanks to the wind sensor, the T-Mode motor will automatically close it as soon as the first gust is detected.



Already loaded up your bags? FAAC is also with you when you head out in the car: FAAC automations for garage doors and gates and FAAC barriers are specifically designed to operate in temperatures of up to -20°C, responding promptly to remote control commands even after the harshest of nights – while you stay nice and warm in the car.
Additionally, they continue to guarantee accurate obstacle detection, in order to safeguard people.
FAAC automations for gates and barriers ensure your comfort even in extreme conditions, with hydraulic versions which use oil specifically designed for wintry conditions, allowing these technologies to operate in temperatures of up to -40°C, and underground operation systems that continue to function even in the event of flooding.


When traveling

FAAC is also by your side when you travel (at the airport or train station) and during your winter breaks (in the streets of historic city centres and in shops), with a range of products that guarantee safety and comfort in all weather conditions. FAAC retractable bollards are designed to ensure perfect efficiency even in extremely cold conditions, thanks to an integrated hydraulic power unit and pit heater to prevent the formation of ice. All FAAC automatic doors are designed to guarantee total protection from drafts, and work at -25°C; the Air Slide model in particular keeps heated spaces warm, even when doors are opened frequently, thanks to the integrated air blade that stops gusts of wind.


Back to work

Finally, FAAC is also with you at work, with its automation systems for industrial doors and roller shutters. Even in snow, ice and freezing temperatures, these solutions guarantee immediate opening of access ways and windows, minimising the need for manual intervention and therefore protecting you from the cold.


Comfort, safety and zero hassle: enjoy the winter with FAAC automation solutions!