From 13 to 15 November in Milan, the new Flowmotion motorised pedestrian access gates of the Magnetic brand will debut in Italy. Also at the forefront on the FAAC stand are the J range bollards, the SKR35 entrance, the Keydom access control system and the door with ON AIR digital signage

At Pavilion 10 (stand K40-L39) at the “Sicurezza” trade fair in Fiera Milano Rho from 13 to 15 November, FAAC is bringing a number of very interesting innovations and top products, consolidating its important role in the security and safety market.

Let's start with FlowMotion®

FAAC will officially launch its new Magnetic Autocontrol brand products in Italy at the trade fair “Sicurezza 2019”. The German group, one of the world leaders in the pedestrian and vehicle access control market was recently bought up by FAAC, which has now decided to launch Magnetic quality products on the domestic market as well.
The “Sicurezza” trade fair will feature the FlowMotion® series of motorised pedestrian access gates, a range that reinterprets access control in buildings and consists of 6 access gates with different closing technologies.
A slim design, use of high-performance plastic for the housing and maximum simplification of the control concept are the strengths that unite the FlowMotion® Series.
mTripod is a turnstile offered in the standard and short versions; mSwing is a motorised swing door; mWing, both in standard and full-height versions, is an elegant pedestrian access gate with hinged doors and glass elements. The range will be completed in early 2020, by the mRing mid-height swivel gate, the mSlide sliding door and the mFlap pedestrian access gates with retractable doors.
The new models blend in perfectly with the building, making systematic access control a secondary aspect that visitors perform in passing, therefore acceptable and easy. 
This makes it more effective in recording the number of visitors, working hours and preventing unauthorised visitors from entering.
Aesthetics are also a central concept: the designers, in collaboration with the Pininfarina studio, have developed a slender silhouette with soft and fluid lines, transforming pedestrian access gates into out and out design objects. The lighting elements on the edges of the frame and base give a light and floating appearance to the gates. The use of the exclusive mDure material is also a key aspect, a highly durable and easy to coat two-component polymer that therefore allows for a wide customisation of colours.
All the FlowMotion® access gates use a highly functional single control unit with the ability to network to connect to building supervision systems. They also make for easier work for installers and service technicians, who can adjust all the settings directly on the appliance, without the need for a notebook or a connection cable.

The other products at the FAAC booth

Also on show at “Sicurezza” are the J range bollards. The J335 range is the top of FAAC research and technology in this sector and has been designed to protect sensitive sites such as airports, government buildings, embassies, barracks, power plants, petrochemical plants, and in general any area that may be at risk of attack. The range consists of two models, designed to withstand the impact of very heavy vehicles launched at high speed, effectively creating an impenetrable barrier.  The M30-P1 model, with a steel cylinder 1 metre high, is in fact able to stop a truck launched at 50km/h. The M50, with a 1.2-metre steel cylinder, goes even further, stopping a truck travelling at 80 km/h. Both have been tested to the strictest international standards (PAS 68, IWA 14-1 and ASTM F 2656).


Keydom is instead the most advanced integrated software/hardware system for controlling vehicle and pedestrian access to all types of buildings and fenced areas.  Ready to use, intuitive, scalable and flexible, Keydom is based on a web app, so it does not require software installation and can be configured on any device via browser.


The SKR35 entrance is instead aimed at the retail market. It is an automatic entrance that guarantees the same security as an armoured door and protects the entrance of shops and supermarkets without the need to install external security shutters. The entrance, which has passed the most stringent anti-burglary tests for class 3 certification, also has the advantage of allowing complete visibility from outside the premises, allowing both control and display of the products in the windows.


Visitors to the stand will also appreciate ON AIR, the first multimedia automatic entrance equipped with an integrated display that interacts with potential retail and mass distribution customers. FAAC’s experience combined with Samsung’s know-how and MagicINFO platform technology has led to the creation of the first automatic entrance that integrates a digital signage system. The cameras mounted on the door enable the gender and age of the people entering the shop or in places where people congregate to be determined. The images are analysed by the software that then selects the most appropriate content to display on the high definition monitor integrated in the entrance. Images and videos can therefore be aimed at a specific type of customer, allowing you to select the best products and promotions to offer in rotation.  The software also allows you to keep track of the number of people that enter, the access statistics and the type of customers.

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