New high security bollards JS Series

Protection in all situations

JS bollards are tested according to the main international standards to withstand impact with a 7,500kg truck driven at 50km/h (JS 48) or 80km/h (JS 80).

Safety standards complied with:

  • PAS 68
  • ASTM F2656
  • IWA 14-1

Certified operational even after impact.

They are made of high-strength steel and can be provided with customisable and interchangeable covers:

  • mDure® protective coating with exclusive FAAC design
  • mDure® and Aisi 316 satin-finish stainless steel

JS bollards provide an innovative answer to protecting sensitive buildings, squares, markets, pedestrian areas and places with high traffic. Non-invasive safety, able not only to protect spaces and people, but also the aesthetics of the surrounding architectural context.

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